Little Shop of Horrors is a horror comedy rock musical with music by Alan Menken and lyrics and a book by Howard Ashman. The story follows a hapless florist shop worker who raises a plant that feeds on human blood and flesh.

The musical is based on the 1960 film The Little Shop of Horrors. The music, composed by Menken in the style of early 1960s rock and roll, doo-wop and early Motown, includes several well-known tunes, including the title song, "Skid Row (Downtown)", "Somewhere That's Green", and "Suddenly, Seymour".



Demby McKenzie: Seymour

Laura McKenzie: Audrey

Mitchell Walters: Audrey II Voice

Graeme Bennett: Mr Mushnik

Brendon Kealley: Orin

Angela Kenna: Crystal (Doo-wop girl) / Nurse

Lucy Keough: Sapphire (Doo-wop girl) / Nurse

Zara Lukeis: Ronette (Doo-wop Girl) / Nurse

Ava Howells: Chiffon (Doo-wop girl) / Nurse

Dean Mulholland: Audrey II Head Puppeteer

Joel Barker: Bernstein / Skid Row Wino

Thomas Partridge: Snip / Ensemble / Skid Row Wino

Tessa Williams: Mrs Luce / Ensemble / Nurse

Charlie Tickner: Patrick Martin / Ensemble

Louise Rothman: Customer Act 1 / Ensemble

Anna Whiting: Customer Act 2 / Interviewer / Ensemble

Jacque Dickson: Street urchin / Ensemble

Stacey James: Street urchin / Ensemble

Katelynd Wise: Nurse / Ensemble

Grace Moloney: Ensemble

Aimee Bosanquet: Ensemble

Toby McKenzie: Ensemble

Patrick Hewitt: Ensemble

Oliver Baker: Junior ensemble

Alex Baker: Junior ensemble

Kailam Bateman: Junior ensemble

Jessica Miller: Junior ensemble

Hayley Miller: Junior ensemble

Derek MacRae: Junior ensemble

Nick Bennett: Junior ensemble

Declan Tickner: Junior ensemble

Pauline Sheldrick: Junior ensemble

Hannah James: Junior ensemble

Madidi McKenzie: Junior ensemble

Jo Van Leerdam

Ronlyn Tranter

Clare Dunn

Musical Director:
Sophia MacRae



Toby McKenzie

Assistant Producer: 
Martinique McKenzie


Technical Director:
Tony Dupleix


Costume Manager:

Briony Howells

Stage Manager:

Sue Place


Front of House:

Kim McKenzie

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