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The Camperdown Repertory Society was formed in 1948. The first performance by the group was a three act comedy  'Hay Fever' which was performed in the Theatre Royal in May 1949.


The Repertory society proved to be a valuable part of Camperdown's social culture. Those involved have produced theatre with different genres, budgets and venues, sometimes as many as 6 seperate productions per year.


In 1983, the Camperdown Repertory Society formally changed its name to the Camperdown Theatre Company. Many members who were involved in the  1983 changeover continue to contribute to our productions to this day.


In 1998, the Company celebrated 50 years, with a performance '50 years at the Footlights' on Saturday, December 5.

This production celebrated the triumphs of the Company and was followed by celebrations at the Camperdown Club.

Similarly, the Company celebrated 75 years with the multi-award winning '75th Anniversary Spectacular' concert season in May 2023.


Those involved in our productions are ever changing, with a large age diversity.

They all share the same passion though - a love of theatre!


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