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The Camperdown Theatre Company has some lighting, set pieces, properties and other equipment
that may be hired upon request.

All hire is subject to the signing of a Hire Agreement between the hirer and Camperdown Theatre Company.

Standard hire (SH) timeline denotes 1 production season (no longer than 20 days).

Items listed are a guide and may be subject to change without notice.

Please note, this page is still under construction.


If you are interested in hiring, simply contact

Toby McKenzie

Phone: 0409 617 627 (text if no response)




The Theatre Royal is available for hire


Simply contact the Corangamite Shire on 5593 7100

Camperdown Theatre Company is not in charge of Theatre Royal hire arrangements,
(please contact the Corangamite Shire). 


If you have hired the Theatre Royal from the Corangamite Shire and need to enhance your event,

Camperdown Theatre Company can assist you with a range of equipment and resources at reasonable rates.




Large double door bar fridge x 1 unit. $120 per event @ Theatre Royal


1.2m x 2.4m stage platform with assorted height legs x 5 units
1.2m Theatre Royal stage extension set
​2.4m Theatre Royal stage extension set

Theatre Royal orchestra wall

Drum kit dampening screen (clear perspex)





JTS Headset Microphones x 12 units

JTS Mic Receivers x 6 units (in roadcase)

Shure Beta 58A Microphones x 6 units

Microphone stands x 6 units



Event lighting packages can be tailored to suit your needs.

Profile Spots: 

Strand  T84 1000w x 11 units
Strand Prelude 16/30 650w x 7 units
Acclaim 18 600w  x 4 units
Strand Patt 23 500w x 2 units



Strand 814 1000w x 10 units
Strand Patt 223 1000w x 3 units
Selecon 650w x 10 units
Strand Patt 45 500w x 3 units


LED Wash:

Chauvet Slimpar Q12 RGBA x 10 units

Chauvet Colourbar pix x 12 units

Chauvet Slimpar 64 x 2 units


Moving Head Lights:

Pluto 350 Moving head Spot CMY x 4 units


Unique Hazer 2.1 x 1 unit
Selecon ZS 2000w Followspot with stand & colours x 1 unit
Cyclorama Cloth x 1 unit
Fogger-Chauvet Hurricane DMX x 1 unit
Fogger - Antari x 1 unit
Mirror Ball - 600mm x 1 unit
Mirror Ball - 300mm x 1 unit
Mirror Ball Motor x
2 units

Chauvet LED Festoons (60pc) x 1 unit
Warm White Festoons 10m x 2 units

Warm White Fairy Lights 40m x 2 units

Warm White Fairy Lights 100m x 1 unit


LSC Maxim 24ch console -DMX x 1 unit
LSC Quadpack Portable 4ch dimmer x 1 unit

Intercom - Ezicom E401 Master x 1 unit
Intercom - Beltpak/headset x 5 units


Portable T-bar Lighting Stand x 2

Portable Truss Lighting Stand x 2


Current collection includes:


Grey brick narrow castle flats with sconce torches from Spamalot x 2 units

Grey brick archway with window from Spamalot x 1 unit

Grey brick archway with doorway from Spamalot x 1 unit

Large structural wooden boxes (1.8m wide, 90 cm high) x 2 units

Small sets stairs (90cm high, to suit wooden boxes) x 4 units

Floral lounge suite (1 couch, 2 chairs) from Mystery at Shady Acres

Antique Counter/Sidebar from Mystery at Shady Acres

Purple city street flat from Hairspray x 2 units

Shop door flat from Freaky Friday x 1 unit

City silhouette flats from Freaky Friday x 2 units

An array of miscellaneous flats

Set availability and condition is not guaranteed unless viewed and agreed upon.



Current collection includes:


A wide range of period clothing from 40s to present

A wide range of different hats - top hats, ladies millinery, caps, military, glitter hats (including sets for troupes) 

A range of wigs

Small canary yellow umbrellas from Spamalot x 10 units

A range of costumes and props from:

Spamalot, Seussical, South Pacific, Hairspray, The Addams Family, Freaky Friday

Costume / prop availability and condition is not guaranteed unless viewed and agreed upon.


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