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August - September 1999


Production Team

Director: Pauline Van Dijk

Choreographers: Sue Rappell, Julie Mogg

Musical Director: Beth Ylvisaker

Production Manager: Ben Bakos




Annie (1): Anna Wall

Annie (2): Erin Bourke

Molly: Adriana Saunders

Pepper: Elizabeth Shute

Duffy: Claire Wilson

Tessie: Celeste Hamilton

July: Laura Banks

Kate: Sade Akintola

Miss Hannigan: Cathy Uwland

Bundles: Peter Gstrein

Dog: Kelly Bakos

Dog Catcher: Jamie Rothman

Assistant Dog Catcher: Jeffrey Van Dijk

Apple Seller: Marg Clissold

Sandy: Grace Wilson

Lieutenant Ward: Peter Gstrein


Artie: Shawn Andrews

Mary: Lyn McLean

Eddie: Laurie Hickey

Fred: Jamie Rothman

Sophie: Mary Foley

Peggy: Yvonne Langley

Ira: Colin Langley

Jane: Julie Tune

1st Cop: Geoff Loving

2nd Cop: Joel Rothman

3rd Cop: Isaac Rothman

4th Cop: Daniel Billings


Oliver Warbucks: Michael Saunders

Grace Farrell: Amanda-Kate Dingle

Drake: Pam Redgewell

Cecille: Sally McPhee

Annette: Melanie Rothman

Mrs Greer: Marg Clissold

Mrs Pugh: Mary Foley

Servant: Kristine Smith

Servant: Judy McKenzie

Servant: Shawn Andrews

Servant: Isaac Rothman

Chauffeur: Joel Rothman


Joel Rothman, Colin Langley, Shawn Andrews, Geoff Loving, Isaac Rothman,

Lyn McLean, Julie Tune, Yvonne Langley, Sally McPhee, Melanie Rothman, 

Judy McKenzie, Kristine Smith, Jeffrey Van Dijk

Star to Be: Kristen Bourke

Usherette: Sheryl Akintola

Rooster: Laurie Hickey

Lily: Kym Bellman

Bert Healey: Colin Langley

McCracken: Peter Gstrein

Johnson: Jamie Rothman

Sound FX: Sheryl Akintola

Connie Boylan: Judy McKenzie

Ronnie Boylan: Kym Bellman

Bonnie Boylan: Robyn Lucas


Franklin Roosevelt: Jamie Rothman

Howe: Peter Gstrein

Perkins: Judy McKenzie

Hull: Daniel Billings

Morganthau: Joel Rothman

Ickes: Shawn Andrews

Marine: Geoff Loving

Judge Brandeis: Geoff Loving

Conductor/ Keyboard 1: Beth Ylvisaker

Flute: Andrew O'Flynn

Percussion: Gary Alexander

Trumpet: Kylie Firman

Bass Guitar: Peter Daffy

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