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May 2021

Mystery at Shady Acres

Mystery at Shady Acres Poster.jpg

Production Team


Directors: Toby McKenzie and Jo Van Leerdam

Producer: Sue Place

Edward Fairfax: Warren Easley

Blanche Fairfax: Rachel Hall

Henry Clifford: Jeremy Lee

Nigella: Pauline Van Dijk

Audrey Rochester: Laura McKenzie

Mr. X: Laurie Hickey

Stanley Larson: Alex Baker

Albert Brightham: Michael McKenzie

Ingrid Brightham: Louise Rothman

Greta Whyte: Anna Whiting

Beth Morgan: Stacey James

Lavinia Crawford: Madidi McKenzie

Heimlich: Laurie Hickey

Chief Deborah Wickfield: Robyn Vale

Sgt Farley O’Doyle: Michael Saunders

Sgt Farley O’Doyle (Alt): Toby McKenzie

Detective Philip Thornton: Peter Gstrein

Cathy: D’Arne Paton

Frederica Frumpet: Lyn Mclean

Lois Banks: Sophia MacRae

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