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December 2013

Jack and His Amazing Multi-Coloured Beanstalk

Production Team

Director: Cameron McAdam

Pianist: Jane McSween

Production Manager: Sandra Poole


Jack: Demby McKenzie
Jack’s Mother / Old Lady: Caitlin Wallis
Grandad / Auctioneer: Ross Irving
Zac: Josh Newcombe
Lizzie: Jordyn Hickey

Narrator: Jen Rowan

Baron Smug: Peter Gstrein
Miss Kutt: Sarah Smith
Mr Thrust: Luke Bone

Postman / Vet: James Anderson

Princess: Kaitlyn Martin

Panto Cow / Goblin: Ethan Coates

Goblins / Farmers:
Laura Hickey, Stacey James, Amy Kavanagh, April Martin,
Olivia Martin, Isabel Rowan, Casey White

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