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September 2007

Wonder in Aliceland

Wonder in Alice 1.jpg

Production Team

Directors: Michael Marrs, Lyn McLean


Alice: Danielle Smith

Small Alice: Demi Holmes

White Rabbit: Elise Bant

Dodo: Siobhan Bond

Duck: Caitlin Smart

Eaglet: Lucy Keough

Mouse: Elizabeth Smart

Caterpillar: Connor Saunders

Mushrooms: Sam Bond, Zac Bond, Charlie Pollard

Fish Footman: Willy Keough

Frog Footman: Sarah Morris

Chesshire Cat: Lauren Wiseman

Duchess: Caitlin Smart

Cook: Laura Ryan

Mad Hatter: Shelby Taverna

March Hare: Ella Woodmason

Queen of Hearts: Kelsey Alexander

King of Hearts: Jack Iversen

Knave of Hearts: Connor Saunders

Royal Guard: Siobhan Bond

Tweedledum: Elizabeth Smart

Tweedledee: Sarah Morris

Tiger Lily: Jasmine Bond

Rose: Lucy Keough

Daisy: Jessica Gaut, Stephanie Smart

Little Rats: Sam Bond, Zac Bond, Charlie Pollard

Doormouse: Helena Evans

Gardener (2 of Spades): Andrew Morris

Gardener (5 of Spades): Willy Keough

Gardener (7 of Spades): Amity Pope

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