July/August 2016

Shaz and Nick's Big Greek Wedding

Production Team


Director: Ronlyn Tranter

Production Manager: Clare Dunn

Shaz (Bride): Martinique McKenzie
Nick (Groom): James Anderson
Nan (deceased Grandmother of Groom): Pauline Van Dijk
Andrew (Best Man and MC): Toby McKenzie
George (Groomsman): Tobin Varley
Colin (Groomsman/Brother of Bride): Caleb Ziegeler
Tracey (Maid of Honour): Bonnie Ailey
Tatiana (Bridesmaid): Lucy Keough
Tanya (Bridesmaid): Angela Kenna
Pete (Father of Bride): Ross Irving
Margaret (Mother of Bride): Louise Rothman
Con (Father of Groom): Peter Gstrein
Marika (Mother of Groom): Joanne Van Leerdam
Aunty Janet (Aunt of Bride): Robyn Vale
Uncle John (Uncle of Groom): Laurie Hickey

Aunty Janet (Understudy): Rebecca Mahony

Uncle John (Understudy): Michael Saunders

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