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May 2019

Monty Python's Spamalot

Spamalot Poster.jpg

Production Team


Director: Toby McKenzie

Choreographer: Martinique McKenzie

Musical Director: Jane McSween

Technical Director: Tony Dupleix

Production Manager: Michael McKenzie

Stage Manager: Sue Place

Costumes Manager: Briony Howells

Hair/Makeup Manager: Kathy Hall

Publicity Officer: Kim McKenzie

Front of House Manager: Ronlyn Tranter

King Arthur: Mick Saunders
Sir Lancelot / French Taunter / Head Ni Knight: Brad Teague
Sir Robin: Demby McKenzie
The Lady of the Lake: Rachel Lucas
Patsy: Caleb Ziegeler
Sir Dennis Galahad: Graeme Bennett
Sir Bedevere: Joel Barker
Historian (Narrator): Jo Saunders
Prince Herbert / Not-Dead-Fred / Ensemble: Keelan Mast
Herbert's Father / Black Knight / Tim the Enchanter: Peter Gstrein
Dennis' Mother / Finnish Mayor: Pauline Van Dijk
Concorde / Poor Man / Monk / Featured Dancer: Aaron Body
Brother Maynard / Sir-Not-Appearing / Frenchie: Laurie Hickey
Robin's Minstrel / Monk / Shrubbery Woman: Jo Van Leerdam
Robin's Minstrel / Featured Dancer / Ensemble: Laura McKenzie
Robin's Minstrel / Ensemble: Charlie Tickner
Dancing Nun / Featured Dancer / Ensemble: Laura Hickey
Monk / Prince Herbert's Guard / Ensemble: Tim Huggins
Monk / Hay Carter / Frenchie: Stacey James
Featured Dancer / Ensemble: Clare Dunn
Featured Dancer / Ensemble: Katelynd Wise
Sir Bors / Ensemble: Callum McSween
Robin's Minstrel / Junior Ensemble: Alex Baker


Jacque Dickson, Lachie Bennett,
Ollie Wright, Anna Whiting, Hayley Wason

Junior Ensemble:
Isabelle Huggins, Sarah McSween, Ava Howells,
Derek MacRae, Hannah James, Madidi McKenzie,
Nick Bennett, Oliver Baker


Conductor: Jane McSween
Keyboard 1: Nikki Nuske
Keyboard 2: Ann Body
Keyboard 3: Daniel Barker
Trumpet 1: Kate O’Brien
EWI (Trumpet 2): Brett McSween
Trombone: Paul Howlett
Reed 1: Dean Mulholland
Reed 2: Sophia MacRae
Saxophone: Chris Stewart
Violin: Bert Pratt
Guitar: Warren Easley
Bass: Geoff Kilminster
Drums: Ross Irving
Percussion: D’Arne Paton

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